• Wagyu Beef

    The term wagyu is Japanese for cow. There are actually 4 different breeds of Japanese cattle. We have American Wagyu cattle with bloodlines from the Red Marble Beef Company in Texas. Wagyu cattle have a gene combination that causes intramuscular fat deposition (Marbling) to a very high level. And this fat is mono-unsaturated, also different from other cattle. Wagyu beef is renown for its extreme tenderness.

  • Angus Beef

    Our herd of Angus cattle has been selected to produce a tender product on minimal inputs. They are pastured until they are over a year old and then they are put in dry lots and fed grains and hay raised on our own farm. They are not treated with hormones or antibiotics, certified. We pride ourselves and train our employees to practice humane animal handling techniques. Our cattle consistently grade choice and prime.

  • Seasonal Pastured Lamb

    Our Merino sheep spend their summers in the high country tended by skilled shepherds, herding border collies, and livestock guardian dogs. They provide the sheep fresh green grass and brush and protect them from predators. When the winter moves in, the sheep move to the desert where they graze the last season's grass and desert brush. The lambs intended for processing are finished in dry lots on our ranch, with raised hay and grain.

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  • Wagyu Ribeye's and Sliders

    "It was all awesome!"  - Stephanie Ford

  • Wagyu Ground Beef

    "The Wagyu burger is really good." - Cole Owens

  • Waguy Half Share

    "We really enjoyed the half Wagyu beef we got. It was really good meat." - Kirk Jordan 

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