Our Story

Ranching is in Mark and Polly’s DNA. They both grew up in ranching families in the mountains of Kremmling, Colorado. Mark grew up helping his family run the ranch while also being involved in rodeo. Polly also grew up helping her family run their ranch and then went off to college at Cal Poly in California. Mark and Polly have two children, Kane who is attending helicopter flight school in Idaho and Lexi who is attending West Texas A&M University. Mark and Polly always dreamed of having their own cattle operation. In fact, Mark wrote Polly a note in the third grade, saying one day they would have a herd of 500 black baldie cattle together. In 2002 they moved to Mack, Colorado and bought the Lazy 3X Ranch with the help of a family friend. This gave them room to grow their small herd of angus cattle. In 2008 they started raising their own herd of sheep. Today they have 5000 Merino sheep and 2000-2500 mama cows. They also have a feed yard operation feeding other producers’ cattle. Mark and Polly believe in being good stewards of the land, not only for their livestock but for the wildlife as well.

They have always raised hay, for obvious reasons, but started raising other crops in 2010 and now use strip tilling in an attempt to increase soil health. Many of the acres they farm are now under pivot sprinklers to save water from the Colorado river basin. The Lazy 3X Ranch uses both private and public lands, and move the cattle and sheep from the summer mountain grazing to the desert for the milder winter climate. This reduces work and stress in both the humans and livestock and saves on feed costs, as the cattle are able to graze year-round.

We are family owned and operated and local to the Grand Valley of Colorado. We proudly offer various Angus and Wagyu beef cuts, bundles, and beef shares as well as various lamb cuts and shares for sale. Mark and Polly have taken their years of feeding cattle and sheep to perfect the meat they offer. They know what and how to feed the animals to get the best flavor to offer to customers from near and far who are looking for healthy meats for their table.